Cycling along the ancient Cinque Terre railway

One of the most picturesque routes in the Cinque Terre …

Visit the Quintino Sella Air-Raid Shelter in La Spezia

Among the fashion stores, gelaterias, and bars that beckon to …

The revolutionary Cinque Terre Railway

The best way to travel the Cinque Terre.  Renowned as …

Rice pie sweet or savory? No, it’s stupid!

A typical La Spezia's local food is the torta di riso – the rice cake, in two or even three possible versions.

Cappuccino Breakfast in La Spezia? The dipped focaccia tradition explained.

Having Cappuccino breakfast in La Spezia and in all of Liguria is a must. Here's how to figure out the Ligurian way and how to enjoy the best breakfast in La Spezia.

Madonna Bianca, Portovenere and its miracle

Soon will be the Feast of the White Madonna of …

Farinata: gold that doesn’t shine!

Farinata, what is it? Queen of poor yet rich in flavor cuisine throughout Italy.

The Garibaldi Statue, two days of celebrations

Garibaldi in La Spezia, a long story. Giuseppe Garibaldi has …

Telemaco Signorini, the Macchiaioli painting art and the Riomaggiore skirts.

Around the mid-nineteenth century, Riomaggiore became a refuge and inspiration for one of the founders of the Macchiaioli art school.

Volastra, the Saracens and the mystery bells

Manarola and Volastra share a common past of pirates and treasures. A magical path between vines, olive trees, and nativity scenes tells us all about this corner of Liguria.

Torre Scola, almost destroyed because of Napoleon, saved by a miracle

While sailing between Portovenere and Palmaria Island in the Gulf of the Poets, you will surely notice it. It is the Torre Scola, one of the La Spezia sea symbols, with a long story. It was built by the Genoese, almost destroyed by the British, and saved from being demolished.

The Statue of the Giant Monterosso Beach, from splendor to grimace

At the end of Monterosso Beach, the Giant statue also marks …

Botticelli’s Venus was born in Portovenere

Born in Portovenere, Simonetta Cattaneo was married to one of the Vespucci Family members and shook the hearts of Renaissance Florence, ending up in one of the most famous paintings of history.

Guvano beach, the myth of the naturist beach in Cinque Terre

Today difficult to reach and threatened by a possible landslide, the Guvano naturist beach is in the Cinque Terre History.

The Warrior of Sorano, proud guardian of the Pieve di Filattiera

An ancient sandstone warrior watches silently over the Parish Church of Santo Stefano in Sorano, a jewel of Romanesque architecture that stands out, unexpected in its austere beauty, among modern buildings.

Kayak in La Spezia and its poetic bay.

Kayaking in La Spezia Bay is appreciated by more visitors …

Tinetto Island, much more than a cliff!

An ancient convent, a kind of lizard that lives only on its surface, and a statue that saves seafarers. Tinetto island is small but infinitely rich.

The Manarola to Corniglia trail passing by Volastra, in the Cinque Terre heart

The Manarola to Cornigilia

Amerigo Vespucci, the most beautiful ship in the world

Launched in 1931, the Amerigo Vespucci is the emblem of Italian excellence on the sea. A gem that is often seen in the La Spezia sea, and called the most beautiful ship inthe world.

Bobbio, a simple Italian hamlet at the center of European civilization

how, Bobbio is in the center of Europe, also thanks to some diabolical passages.

Emanuele Albano, the man who looked for mussels and found the "Muscoli"

Recently, CNN’s “Searching for Italy” by Stanley Tucci visited the …

How to move in and about La spezia: ferries, trains and busses

La Spezia is the ideal logistics center for reaching the towns of the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets. This article summarizes some critical information about getting around La Spezia by ferry, train, and bus.

The Campiglia Portovenere trekking, just like heaven

This is what a friend living abroad keeps telling me. …

3 reasons why the Ligurian cuisine is not “poor”.