Torre Scola, almost destroyed because of Napoleon, saved by a miracle

While sailing between Portovenere and Palmaria Island in the Gulf of the Poets, you will surely notice it. It is the Torre Scola, one of the La Spezia sea symbols, with a long story. It was built by the Genoese, almost destroyed by the British, and saved from being demolished.

Botticelli’s Venus was born in Portovenere

Born in Portovenere, Simonetta Cattaneo was married to one of the Vespucci Family members and shook the hearts of Renaissance Florence, ending up in one of the most famous paintings of history.

Kayak in La Spezia and its poetic bay.

Kayaking in La Spezia Bay is appreciated by more visitors who take some time to escape the often cluttered Cinque Terre trains and boats and wish to explore places away from the crowd. The so-told Bay of the Poets is a very charming, mostly easy-to-stroll body of water, suitable for kayakers at their first experience and those trained […]

Emanuele Albano, the man who looked for mussels and found the "Muscoli"

Recently, CNN’s “Searching for Italy” by Stanley Tucci visited the mussels Farms in the la Spezia Bay of Poets, and tried the delicious seafood with local wine. In La Spezia, mussels are called “Muscoli,”; a local word for the Italian “Cozze”. The story of the many mussels plants in the La Spezia seascape is one […]

The Campiglia Portovenere trekking, just like heaven

This is what a friend living abroad keeps telling me. Words that might seem corny but say it all, without saying precisely all, that this path has to offer. Technical data Difficulty: average Trail Marker: 1 Recommended time: all year Duration: 2 hours and a half – 3 hours Tips: It is recommended to start […]

Le Rosse, the Caribbean beach of La Spezia

Wonder at sight, the extraordinary spectacle is made possible by the concentration of fossil ammonite inside the rocks. A colored nature frolic that stands out even more if seen throughout the entire coast, white in its majority and dark – almost black – at the height of Muzzerone (Le Nere, for the note). Look at the coast of La […]