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Five small villages enchant the world.
Between Portovenere and Punta Mesco, you can let the scent of lemons guide you to discover places and experiences in Cinque Terre that help you deeply understand the territory’s essence.



The villages of Cinque Terre are a well-known destination worldwide.
A spectacular coast, between sea and mountains, a millennia-old culture of continuous search for balance between wild nature and human work. 

Some capture the essence of the landscape from the open sea, relaxing while admiring the entire coast from afar and choosing where to land,while others prefer to walk the ancient paths that cross the territory in an intricate network of trekking routes. Some meet local artisans to learn about their stories and the territory through their tales. 

There are many activities to do in Cinque Terre, according to your preferences, at your own pace , respecting a delicate and worthy territory. 

The Light Butterfly, prehistoric phenomen on on Mount Caprione behind Lerici

Cycling along the ancient Cinque Terre railway

Visit the Quintino Sella Air-Raid Shelter in La Spezia

The revolutionary Cinque Terre Railway

Rice pie sweet or savory? No, it’s stupid!

Hiking in Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre has been a favorite destination for hikers from all over the world for decades. The ancient mule tracks that once were the only connections between one village and another, for working in the fields or communicating, have been replaced over time by the railway along the sea and more elevated roads. And, gradually, on the ancient paths, trekking enthusiasts have found not only natural beauty, sometimes wild and now abandoned by disuse, but also the most authentic history of Cinque Terre. Among the dry stone walls that mark the characteristic “terrace” supports of the vineyards, or in the shade of the olive trees, to reach the monasteries on the heights, the trekking routes in Cinque Terre offer many opportunities to learn about the territory, with various levels of difficulty and perspectives. Things to know about hiking in the Cinque Terre: Today, the routes are well-maintained and equipped with clear, well-distributed signage. The ideal seasons for trekking in Cinque Terre are spring and autumn, away from the coldest and hottest days of the year. In the busiest periods, it’s not uncommon to find “traffic jams” of tourists even on the paths.
  • It is essential not to underestimate the trails of Cinque Terre. The use of suitable walking shoes is crucial.
  • Many trails require a paid access fee to support their maintenance and limit access on the more fragile paths.
  • By purchasing the Cinque Terre Card, you can travel by train and access the paid trails.

Trekking Riomaggiore Manarola

Trekking on the Infinite Path

Trekking from Vernazza to Monterosso

Levanto to Monterosso path with a guide

Sea Experiences


The experiences to live the sea of Cinque Terre cannot be limited to the coast overlooking the most famous villages, within the boundaries set by the map; on the contrary, the sea inspires discovery and wants to take you a little further.

It is said that this sea has been inhabited by professional pirates looting galleys and galleons over the centuries. There are many stories of characters who unscrupulously attacked the ships of the Republic of Genoa or Pisa, making the coast dangerous. Then, the French, English, and other rulers fought for control of this coveted stretch of coast.

Alongside them, other traditional inhabitants since ancient times, navigators, and lovers of this coast have been poets.
Among the most famous names are Persio of ancient Rome, Francesco Petrarca, and then the English romantics Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe and Mary Shelley, George Sand, August von Platen-Hallermünde, and Mario Soldati, and many others in contemporary times.

Pirates and poets, therefore, have been inspired by this sea and have named the coast and the Gulf of La Spezia, with the unmissable Portovenere, Lerici, and Palmaria Island, the largest in Liguria. And perhaps one day they merged into a single way of being, the Ligurian way, sometimes a bit aloof and rough, but always in love with their land.

Are you more of a pirate, assaulting the sea of Cinque Terre by kayak, sailboat, and especially by swimming, to find the treasures of its seabed and its multicolored coast?

Or are you more of a poet who finds inspiration for life in the leisure of the rolling waves?

Discover it with the experiences in Cinque Terre that find inspiration in the sea of pirates and poets.

Romantic sail in the Bay of the Poets

Guided Kayak Tour from Lerici

Between La Spezia and the Hinterland


Sono sempredi più i viaggiatori che alla costa spesso affollata preferiscono la città della Spezia, e per ancora più tranquillità il verde delle valli nell’entroterra delle Cinque Terre.

I vantaggi di queste scelte sono legati alla convenienza ma anche alla possibilità di ampliare lo sguardo verso “i retroscena” più vissuti e meno turistici delle mete più famose, pur rimanendo vicini ai luoghi più iconici.

In the vast and verdant Val di Vara, you can learn a broader history and experience organic and artisanal productions that characterize the life of these territories.

Staying in Spezia, the largest city on the eastern Ligurian coast, you can easily travel between the coast, the hinterland, and the Gulf of Poets, alternating the life of the seaside villages with a bit of city life.

Craft your perfume in the Cinque Terre

Craft beer Tasting in Val di Vara