Cinque Terre

Five small villages perched on the extreme eastern coast of Liguria fascinate the world with their history of resilient attachment to the land and gaze towards the sea, with panoramas of colorful architecture and Mediterranean scrub.

Cycling along the ancient Cinque Terre railway

The revolutionary Cinque Terre Railway

Telemaco Signorini, the Macchiaioli painting art and the Riomaggiore skirts.

Volastra, the Saracens and the mystery bells

The Statue of the Giant Monterosso Beach, from splendor to grimace

Guvano beach, the myth of the naturist beach in Cinque Terre

The Manarola to Corniglia trail passing by Volastra, in the Cinque Terre heart

The Campiglia Portovenere trekking, just like heaven

Lerici’s cove and the Fossola church, two secrets places in La Spezia even for locals

Le Rosse, the Caribbean beach of La Spezia

Best of Cinque Terre area in 12 postcards.