Kayak in La Spezia and its poetic bay.

Kayaking in La Spezia Bay is appreciated by more visitors who take some time to escape the often cluttered Cinque Terre trains and boats and wish to explore places away from the crowd. 
The so-told Bay of the Poets is a very charming, mostly easy-to-stroll body of water, suitable for kayakers at their first experience and those trained to paddle for a longer time, in the sea, for longer distances. All of them will experience enchanting views, find hidden caves and coves, and be in direct touch with the natural beauty featured in this worldwide known stretch of coast. 

PAddling in the suggestive scenery of the Bay of the Poets.

What you need to know about kayaking in the La Spezia Bay

For La Spezia visitors, it is easy to start guided kayak tours in La Spezia to visit both branches of the Bay, namely the Bay of the Poets, to learn with no need for many words, the why of this name. Stretching from the Punta Bianca to the Portovenere cliff, the Gulf is filled with stunning spots to explore, with all the nuances of blue, green, and navy under your vessel. Add the summertime golden hour with its more suitable temperature and the unique sun-setting atmosphere, and the game is done. This beautiful seascape will make you wish to return forever. 

Crossing the around 4 miles long and, on average, 3 miles wide Gulf from one end to its opposite is not recommended. Paddling nearshore or joining any points of its branches will make you cross a sea very busy with liners and cargo ships. A kayak tour in the La Spezia Sea should start from one of the many marinas facing the Bay to reach any of the many attractive and panoramic spots nearby, according to the training and time available of paddlers.

Kayak tour from Lerici

Lerici and its nearby coast are top-rated attractions. One of the coves, the “Caletta,” otherwise mainly unknown to many locals, has recently risen to Instagram honors for the incredible beauty of its marine nature. The motorboats-banned spot is ideally reached by kayak, allowing you to slowly immerse in its silent, magnificent outline of giant cliffs and pristine vegetation.

A stop at the Caletta, a pristine beach nearby Lerici

The kayak tour from Lerici starts from the Baia Blu beach, one of the most loved by local young people, for the lively atmosphere of the bathhouse, the free beach, and the many activities to enjoy from here. To reach Baia Blu, you need to drive to the locality of Santa Teresa, up on the hill, from which you can go down to the beach on foot. The bus service is not always perfectly functioning, and not running in the evenings. On request, we can organize a transfer for the tour participants.

Kayak tour from Portovenere

Portovenere is a top destination on the opposite edge, one of Liguria’s most beautiful fishing villages. Departing by kayak from here, you can easily reach the archipelago’s three islands at its front, made by the Islands of Palmaria (the largest Ligurian island), Tino, and Tinetto. Getting to the islands can be, at times, challenging, as it necessarily requests to face the open sea, leaving the almost always peaceful body of waters within the Bay.

Trekking from Vernazza to Monterosso

In Cinque Terre with a photographer

Trekking on the Infinite Path

Levanto to Monterosso path with a guide

Trekking Riomaggiore Manarola

Therefore, beginner paddlers should go on days with small waves and for shorter stretches, such as the one along the coast heading to the Cinque Terre and its striking “red” and “black” stones overhanging the sea. Summer has the perfect sea and weather conditions to circumnavigate Palmaria and appreciates its brilliant white high coast facing the open sea, constellated with stunning caves to paddle in.

Saint Peter’s Church in Portovenere viewed from the open sea.

In summer, our guided kayak tours in La Spezia sea occur every day at 4.30 pm (a little earlier in spring and autumn). They are the perfect way to enjoy the Lerici or the Portovenere coast for about 4 hours and get to the most suggestive spots at sunset for some drinks and snacks on a beach chosen by our expert guides according to the paddling levels of participants and the day’s sea conditions. They will also recommend the best spots for a swim for the day and let you choose from various places to see.

The Palmaria Island Kayak Tour

At the opposite side of the Bay, the kayak tour from Portovenere starts from the “Olivo” sea promenade to reach the coast of the Cinque Terre or the islands, according to your preferences and sea conditions. After seeing the “dark side of Palmaria island,” expert paddlers reach the small Tino island with its charming lighthouse, unspoiled nature, and history to explore. Reaching tiny Tinetto island, with its underwater Madonna, is also a very recommended experience. 

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