Cycling along the ancient Cinque Terre railway

One of the most picturesque routes in the Cinque Terre is the cycle-pedestrian path between the towns of Levanto and Framura, also named Maremonti, which runs along what was once the railway line between Pisa and Genoa. Cinque Terre railway The Cinque Terre railway is known for its route along the coast and offering surprising […]

The revolutionary Cinque Terre Railway

The best way to travel the Cinque Terre.  Renowned as the best way to visit the Cinque Terre National Park, the Cinque Terre railway goes through all the Cinque Terre villages. Traveling by train allows for a cheap and fast connection between villages and beaches and allows for beautiful views.  As a result, in the […]

The Statue of the Giant Monterosso Beach, from splendor to grimace

At the end of Monterosso Beach, the Giant statue also marks the village’s end. Overlooking the sea of the Cinque Terre but lacking arms and a leg, its head is bent to support something – but we do not know what. It is not only the weight of time on the Giant’s shoulders but also a story of […]

The Campiglia Portovenere trekking, just like heaven

This is what a friend living abroad keeps telling me. Words that might seem corny but say it all, without saying precisely all, that this path has to offer. Technical data Difficulty: average Trail Marker: 1 Recommended time: all year Duration: 2 hours and a half – 3 hours Tips: It is recommended to start […]

Le Rosse, the Caribbean beach of La Spezia

Wonder at sight, the extraordinary spectacle is made possible by the concentration of fossil ammonite inside the rocks. A colored nature frolic that stands out even more if seen throughout the entire coast, white in its majority and dark – almost black – at the height of Muzzerone (Le Nere, for the note). Look at the coast of La […]