Guvano beach, the myth of the naturist beach in Cinque Terre

Beaches in the La Spezia area, for some, are rare and dull compared to other Italian coasts. However, we believe this is an unfair assessment; in our guide to the La Spezia beaches, you can find an overview of what the coast offers. For example, looking for a beach in Corniglia, you might hear about the Guvano beach, one of three Corniglia beaches, a legendary place for locals, famous a famous nudist beach in Italy. The other two beaches in Corniglia are the vast beach under the rail and the at the marina (the first is in the vicinity of the Corniglia station, the second in the village, walking to Vernazza).

Beaten nudists

Among the many stories about Guvano, there is one about an epic fistfight between the Cinque Terre locals and international hippies. One night some locals reached the beach from the sea. A German guy who slept in the camp on the beach, probably in the throes of chemical euphoria, would exchange their landing for the beginning of a battle. According to rumors, what followed would be exciting minutes, even with a rowing shot.

Guvano today a beautiful and unreachable nudist beach in Italy

The charm of Guvano, especially seen from trekking trail number 2 that runs between Corniglia and Vernazza, is unchanged. A beautiful unspoiled pebble beach, lapped by turquoise water and surrounded by the most typical Mediterranean maquis.

In Corniglia marina, you can rent a kayak and discover this fantastic place in a few minutes.

Despite what you read online, you must know that reaching Guvano takes work if you decide to walk. Walking in the wild for quite a distance might be why Guvano is so popular among nudists worldwide. Still, the status of the paths leading to the beach has been almost prohibitive for a long time now. The former railway tunnel connecting Corniglia to Vernazza had an opening leading to Guvano after a 15-minute walk in the dark. Still, it was closed on the order of the town of Vernazza as it was unsafe.

The same document also clearly states that the whole area is subject to the risk of landslides and that stopping at the site should be avoided. Meanwhile, the path from Corniglia to Vernazza diverting to Guvano (following the hand-written sign Free Beach, more or less half of the route) has worsened. The hour and a quarter walk required following this route, thus, has become particularly inaccessible.

Pending put everything gets back safely, Guvano awaits.

Anyway, the legend already has a place.


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