Visit the Quintino Sella Air-Raid Shelter in La Spezia

Among the fashion stores, gelaterias, and bars that beckon to passersby along Via del Prione in the historic center of La Spezia, you might notice a mural with a child’s smiling eyes. This newly restored site of memory for the city recounts a significant chapter of its history: the Quintino Sella Air Raid Shelter. During […]

The Garibaldi Statue, two days of celebrations

Garibaldi in La Spezia, a long story. Giuseppe Garibaldi has walked the streets of La Spezia; there are reports about three stops on the city ground. The first was in 1849, the second in 1862, injured following the Aspromonte campaign and the detention in the Varignano prison, then in 1867, recovering from the Mentana battle. […]

A short La Spezia food Guide

From seafood to vegetables, a short guide to La Spezia food. The increased tourist interest in the area of La Spezia has made the question about La Spezia food more and more frequent. Faced with tourists’ questions (like, “What can we eat? How is the typical food in La Spezia?”), locals often need help replying. They wonder […]

La Spezia, a surprising place

Visiting the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets, a day exploring all the sights in La Spezia is well worth spending. Here a little guide for things to do in La Spezia