gulf of the poets

The Gulf of Poets is a place with a long tradition of inspiration, but also of teeming maritime life. Inhabited over the centuries by poets and pirates, coveted by many for its extraordinary natural conformation useful for defense, its history makes you dream and its nature is worth experiencing.

The Light Butterfly, prehistoric phenomen on on Mount Caprione behind Lerici

Torre Scola, almost destroyed because of Napoleon, saved by a miracle

Botticelli’s Venus was born in Portovenere

Kayak in La Spezia and its poetic bay.

Tinetto Island, much more than a cliff!

Emanuele Albano, the man who looked for mussels and found the "Muscoli"

The Campiglia Portovenere trekking, just like heaven

Lerici’s cove and the Fossola church, two secrets places in La Spezia even for locals

Le Rosse, the Caribbean beach of La Spezia

Margareth, the ship sleeping leaning to the dam